Jayde Murray

My Modern Apprenticeship journey with TIGERS and Victoria Park Kindergarten

I wanted to share my story for others to understand my motto of -

‘dream, believe and achieve’


We asked Jayde to provide a written account of her journey so far…



I knew when I left school I wanted to work with children in some way, I have wanted to work in childcare since a young age.  I didn’t have a good upbringing from being in care to foster parents, and when I eventually settled living with my gran, I knew I wanted to help and watch children grow and develop to be the best they can.


I loved school, I loved being with my friends, I liked the relationships and friendships I secured, but I knew I couldn’t be in school forever. While at school, I studied a wide range of subjects from Dance to Geography, and did quiet well.  I left school with all my National 5 Levels in the subjects, including English which is mandatory.


I knew that I would need to gain a qualification to be able to work with children, I liked the thought of working in a nursery with young children, helping them develop and grow.  College seemed the natural route to getting the qualification I needed. At college l started a Social Services Children and Young People course, after a few months into the course. I felt it just wasn’t for me, learning within a classroom environment felt too much like school. College was an experience but it just wasn’t for me. I learnt a lot from college and it certainly helped me with written assessments, gave me confidence which supported the next step in my learning journey. I wanted to experience what it was like in a working environment and to do the job that I wanted to do.  I knew I wanted to be working with children, being around them within a nursery setting and not sitting in a classroom all day. So, I began looking at alternative ways I could learn and become a qualified Early Years Practitioner.  I researched alternative learning options and pathways to gaining a recognised qualification and liked the choices that a Modern Apprenticeship offered. It seemed to be a more practical route where I would be able to work and learn at the same time. 

I started my Apprenticeship through Glasgow Guarantee which was super easy. They have a website where they advertise different Apprenticeships that are available within the Glasgow area.  


I applied for a Modern Apprenticeship vacancy at Victoria Park Kindergarten and was successful in my interview and began a few days later. I was employed as part of their team in an Early Years Modern Apprenticeship role and began my Apprenticeship working with children 1-2 years. It was difficult and rewarding at the same time, not having any children of my own at this stage, or not having the experience of being around young children made me nervous, but the children in the nursery just make you feel included and happy to be your friend. The children welcomed you with open arms and cuddles which helped me settle and build relationships with them.  


After a few weeks within my new role at Victoria Park Kindergarten, I was visited by my Assessor from TIGERS. TIGERS are a training provider who offer recognised vocational courses and training to people who want to undertake a qualification in their chosen career.  My assigned Assessor Yvonne supported me through my qualification Social Services Children and Young People Level 3 (SCQF Level 7) while I worked full-time. 


Everything was fully explained, having that one-to-one support from my Assessor helped me to achieve each unit.  Throughout my full Apprenticeship I had nothing but hundred and ten percent support from my Assessor and the team at Victoria Park Kindergarten. I was determined to gain my qualification even though I absolutely hate doing reports, essays etc!  


Halfway through my Apprenticeship I became pregnant, this was a totally wonderful surprise, but I was scared that my Apprenticeship and qualification would not be able to continue.  I was so upset thinking I wouldn’t be able to finish my qualification as I had got so far through it. I thought all my hard work was going to waste. This wasn’t the case as I had so much support from my Assessor and work colleges. I was able to complete my qualification. We all worked together and looked at what I had still to achieve and how this could be done. During this time, I would meet my Assessor on a more regular basis, communicate through email and telephone. I was given a lot of help and support. 


I have now given birth to a beautiful baby boy (photograph above) and planning on returning to work at Victoria Park Kindergarten as a Qualified Practitioner within the next few weeks.  


Yes, I gained my Modern Apprenticeship!


I learned so much from this whole experience and this has truly benefited me having my own little boy - “dream, believe and achieve” because no matter what you can do it.


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