In my very first one-to-one meeting with IWiL mentor, Mary Glasgow, CEO at Children 1st'. she mentioned fighting for Equal Protection in Scotland. It is amazing to see that since then, Mary and the team at Children 1st have experienced the Bill being passed.

It was an honour to be there and witness such an amazing change for Scotland. Watching the debate was not how I expected it to be, it was so interesting to see everyone put their points and arguments across. It made me so happy to see MP’s fighting for this Bill and I was in awe at how genuine and passionate they are for it being passed. They had such strong and clear speeches, their statements came across so confidently, it was amazing.

Before meeting Mary, I wouldn’t have realised there were issues like this, I’m so glad to have experienced this historical moment and to be given the opportunity to learn and care about something as important as Equal Protection. After the Bill was passed and a few photographs had been taken, we rushed off to the BBC where Mary was participating in a radio interview. It was so impressive how focussed she stayed whilst being under the pressure of so many people listening.

Afterwards, we celebrated with everyone, it was emotional listening to everyone who had been through the journey of fighting for Equal Protection and you could feel everyone’s pride in the room. It was easily one of the best atmospheres I’ve ever experienced. I loved seeing so many interesting, new and familiar faces and chatting away with them.

The whole experience made me so grateful to have met Mary and some of the team at Children 1st. They are amazing people, that fight for changes in Scotland. Boclair Academy provided me with the opportunity to join the IWiL mentoring programme, which is sadly coming to soon. It’s safe to say Mary and I will be carrying on for a while longer.