Euan Paterson
Social Services Children and Young People Foundation Apprentice (SSCYP)

Foundation Apprenticeships are a Skills Development Scotland (SDS) initiative, providing new, work-based learning opportunities for pupils in their senior phase of secondary school. It enables them to gain industry knowledge and practical work experience with an employer, while still at school.

As a SSCYP Foundation Apprentice you gain an opportunity to study and learn about Early Brain Development, Understanding Attachment Styles, Biology of Stress and Building Resilience, Impact of Early Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences along with Practical Industry Work Experience. As a SSCYP Foundation Apprentice you also have an opportunity to learn about the importance of your overall personal wellbeing, and take part in sessions that promote a healthy body and healthy mind.

We asked Euan Paterson, Social Services Children and Young People (SSCYP) Foundation Apprentice, to provide a written account of his experience so far.

Here are Euan’s thoughts and views…

"I would recommend a Foundation Apprentice to another pupil because it is a good opportunity to learn new skills, meet new pupils from other schools and the course is educational. I find the style of training easier than normal school. There isn’t an exam which means no exam pressure. Schools can have crowded halls full of people during exam time this can make people anxious and scared of the result so they break down. Your mind can focus more and concentrate with a Foundation Apprenticeship because it’s coursework.

What I enjoy most about Foundation Apprenticeship is the sort of learning that the course provides and the people you meet. Also, the work placement that we get to experience in the next educational year. The work placement is a good way to gain real life experience in a workplace setting and establish a relationship with the staff and the company as a whole. This could lead to getting employed by the company.

I feel the ‘Child Development’ unit will support me in my career progression as a Primary Teacher because it describes the changes in your child’s physical growth, as well as their ability to learn the social, emotional, behavioural, thinking and communications skills required for life.

Coming up to exam time it was a bit hard to balance timetable and coursework because supported study was on the same day as the course but I caught up on the free periods. Apart from supported study balancing, managing my timetable was OK. Balancing school work can be challenging because we have homework from other classes. My trainer Helen is supportive and understanding as long as I communicate. "

Are you in the middle of picking your subjects for your senior year of secondary school in the Glasgow and East Dunbartonshire area? Has Euan’s story inspired you to undertaking SSCYP Foundation Apprenticeship qualification? SSCYP Foundation Apprenticeship can lead to different professional career pathways such as: Financial Services; Media; HR; Developmental Psychology; Teaching; and Health.

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