Jennifer Murray
Social Services Children and Young People Foundation Apprentice (SSCYP)

Foundation Apprenticeships are a Skills Development Scotland (SDS) initiative, providing new, work-based learning opportunities for pupils in their senior phase of secondary school. It enables them to gain industry knowledge and practical work experience with an employer, while still at school.

As a SSCYP Foundation Apprentice you gain an opportunity to study and learn about Early Brain Development, Understanding Attachment Styles, Biology of Stress and Building Resilience, Impact of Early Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences along with Practical Industry Work Experience. As a SSCYP Foundation Apprentice you also have an opportunity to learn about the importance of your overall personal wellbeing, and take part in sessions that promote a healthy body and healthy mind.

We asked Jennifer Murray, Social Services Children and Young People (SSCYP) Foundation Apprentice, to provide a written account of her experience so far.

Here are Jennifer’s thoughts and views…

"I would definitely recommend a Foundation Apprenticeship. It has helped me grow as a person and helped with my anxiety. My Trainer Lisa has supported me every step of the way, always there for us no matter what.

The part I enjoy most about my Foundation Apprenticeship is learning about the importance of overall wellbeing. Lisa introduced us to a tool to help us explore emotional wellbeing called Kitbag. This has helped me develop relationships with the Bellahouston Academy girls. Kitbag is a time where everyone can chat with each other and share how we’ve been feeling without any judgement.

I have found it really easy to balance my both my school work and Foundation Apprenticeship course work. The class takes place at Bellahouston Academy so I don’t need to travel. The Foundation Apprenticeship course work relates to my other subjects and I have a general interest. Overall, it’s a really enjoyable course and doesn’t get boring.

I would love to be a primary school teacher. I feel like the course has helped me into the education sector as it has developed my understanding that children can come from all different backgrounds and can behave in certain ways. It has helped me understand signs of trauma in children, how to identify it and how this can impact brain development."

Are you in the middle of picking your subjects for your senior year of secondary school in the Glasgow and East Dunbartonshire area? Has Jennifer's story inspired you to undertaking SSCYP Foundation Apprenticeship qualification? SSCYP Foundation Apprenticeship can lead to different professional career pathways such as: Financial Services; Media; HR; Developmental Psychology; Teaching; and Health.

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