Jasmine Shek
Business Administration Foundation Apprentice

Foundation Apprenticeships are a Skills Development Scotland (SDS) initiative, providing new, work-based learning opportunities for pupils in their senior phase of secondary school. It enables them to gain industry knowledge and practical work experience with an employer, while still at school.

As a Business Administration Foundation Apprentice, you gain an opportunity to study and learn about Truly Human Leadership, Digital Media, Robotic Process Automation, Business Operations and Strategic Planning and Company Culture and Vision along with Practical Industry Work Experience. As a Business Administration Foundation Apprentice, you also have an opportunity to learn about the importance of your overall personal wellbeing, and take part in sessions that promote a healthy body and healthy mind.

We asked Jasmine Shek, Business Administration Foundation Apprentice, to provide a written account of her experience so far.

Here are Jasmine’s thoughts and views…

'I would recommend a Business Administration Foundation Apprenticeship, it is an amazing opportunity and it can open a lot of doors for you in life. It is a great new experience where you can meet new people and learn about company culture. It challenges you. It boosts your confidence. It’s an amazing environment to be around because you are treated like an adult. A Foundation Apprenticeship can help you decide your career path for the future. It’s a taster of what it would be like in the world of work by providing work experience which looks great on your CV.

I enjoy learning new aspects about company culture and meeting new people. The environment is very different from school and it’s refreshing from being at school all the time. I like that I am in a class with pupils from different schools but we have the same interests. I have strong relationships at TIGERS, I know I can go reach out if I am going through something or just need someone to chat.

A unit that I think will help me support my career progression is learning about the things that can affect a business not just internally but externally. I’ve also learnt about the business life-cycle. There are many stages of how the business grows and succeeds. We compared start-up businesses that are fully functioning, to business failures, which I found very interesting. I think learning about all of this helps me realise all of the hard work that goes into business and it will make me work hard to achieve my goals.

Sometimes it does get hard to balance school work and my Foundation Apprenticeship. I do sometimes miss out on activities at school but I knew I had to make some sacrifices to undertake a Foundation Apprenticeship as it requires commitment and simulates a business environment. I’ve learnt that communication is key. If I was having a hard time balancing both, I could talk to my Trainer David and he would help me. Supported study is provided if I need help to cope with coursework. I’ve learnt that meditation which helps me manage stress. At the end of our lessons, David would do mediation with us creating a calm atmosphere.'

Are you in the middle of picking your subjects for your senior year of secondary school in the Glasgow and East Dunbartonshire area? Has Jasmine’s story inspired you to undertake a Business Administration Foundation Apprenticeship qualification? Business Administration Foundation Apprenticeship can lead to different professional career pathways such as: Financial Services; Media; HR; Developmental Psychology; Teaching; and Health.

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